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      Ninja Blade

      for Xbox 360

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      Manufacturer's Description

      Tokyo Under Siege. A Modern-Day ninja For A 21st Century Enemy.
      Step into the dark and mysterious world of Ninja Blade, where gamers will be given the epic task of defending Tokyo and ultimately humanity itself from a horrific, genetically mutating
      disease. High atop the towering skyscrapers of modern-day Tokyo, Ken Ogawa and his team of skilled ninjas are deployed to destroy the infected monster horde and stem the spreading disease as humanity hangs in the balance. Armed with an extensive arsenal of specialised ninja weapons, tools and skills players must fight insurmountable odds, and once again bring peace and order to Tokyo.

      • Unique Ninja Abilities - Use your Ninja Vision to detect and analyze potential enemy weak points, secret paths, and hidden information within the environment, but be careful, as you are susceptible to extra damage while using your vision. And perform the todome attack to destroy an enemy's core (heart), by dealing a fatal wound. Balanced and calculated use of both these abilities will be critical to progressing through the game.
      • Variety of Weapons, Tools, and Ninjutsu - Specialized ninja powers offer an enticing array of options. Varied environments force players to think strategically about which set of weapons and tools will be most effective at conquering the different levels. From dual wielding swords to grapple wire hooks to grenades, every item has distinctive features and characteristics, so choose wisely! Ninjutsu is a special power that results in an explosive electrical force to either stun enemies or protect oneself from attack. Only true Ninja Masters can achieve this technique.
      • Interactive Quick-Time Events - Scattered throughout integral parts of the storyline, characters come across various quick-time events providing the opportunity to directly interact with in-game cutscenes. Quick reflexes are rewarded during the intense battles.
      • Modern Realism - Ninja Blade offers a fresh twist to the classic ninja saga by basing all 3-D gaming maps directly from the actual skyscrapers and building tops in modern day Tokyo.
      Item Code 127987
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Release Date Friday, 7th August 2009
      Condition New
      Product Type Video Games
      Barcode 882224763004
      Genre Action/Adventure
      Platform(s) Xbox 360

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