Warlock Tiles Accessory Caverns Spelunkers Docks

Tabletop Role Playing Game

Item Code: 188209

$89.95 -22%
No Longer Available
$89.95 -22%
No Longer Available


Ramshackle docks and piers that have been cobbled together from scrap wood and only somewhat maintained over years of service at the edge of a vast Subterranean Lake. Moored here are a handful of watercraft: a pair of simple barrel rafts and a surprisingly well-crafted rowboat left by an owner whose luck must have run out.

Ages 14 +


  • Both Boardwalks have friction-fit pilings that can be removed in order to fit over/around Caverns floor tiles.
  • Mastercraft Rowboat has friction-fit seats that can be removed to accommodate more/larger minis.
  • Boardwalks and Piers are all designed to fit together in any configuration, maximizing building options.

In The Box

  • Short Boardwalk (1)
  • Long Boardwalk (1)
  • Short Pier (3)
  • Mastercraft Rowboat (1)
  • 6-Person Barrel Raft (2)
  • Wooden Fishing Trap (3)
  • Metal Fishing Trap (3)
  • Coil of Rope (3)

Additional Information

Condition New
Release Date 21st October 2022
Weight (kg) 0.280000
Barcode 634482165416
Product Type Maps, Tiles & Grids
Manufacturer WizKids
Item Code 188209

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