Warhammer: 40,000 RPG Wrath & Glory Redacted Records

Tabletop Role Playing Game

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$64.95 -20%
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Explore the space hulks of the Gilead System — huge, drifting masses of ships welded together by gravity and the flames of the Warp, and home to hazard and opportunity in equal measure. Redacted Records I takes Wrath & Glory games away from the relative safety of the Gilead System’s planets and out into the depths of the Void to face unimaginable danger.

This magazine-style collection of articles uncovers numerous secrets of the Gilead System, opening up new settings and antagonists for players to explore and confront, and new character options to increase Agents’ chance of surviving these new and perilous situations.

Ages 14 +


  • Insight into the diverse and terrifying space hulks of the Gilead System, from the Chaos-touched Caveat Emptor to the Genestealer-infested Dominus Vobiscum and the Orkish battleground designated Wrath of Janus. 
  • Rules and tables to generate your own space hulk, including areas, occupants, events, and salvage.
  • New Frameworks for Agents from all branches of the Imperium, including the elite Adeptus Astra Telepathica.
  • Dozens of new Talents to enrich your Wrath & Glory games.
  • Reports on the strange Servitor patterns of the Gilead System, including the corrupted butcher-servitors of the Abattoir of the Luminous Emperor.
  • Dossiers on some of the sinister cults of Avachrus and Nethreus, to further imperil your Agents

Additional Information

Condition New
Release Date 19th August 2022
Weight (kg) 0.650000
Barcode 9781913569198
Series Warhammer: 40,000
Product Type Role-Playing Game Books, Roleplaying Games
Manufacturer Cubicle Seven
Recommended Age 14+
Theme Space, Fantasy, War, Science Fiction
Item Code 187799

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