Catan: Starfarers Board Game

Tabletop Board Game

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$169.95 -24%
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It’s the year 2700 and you’ve been selected to compete for the prestigious title of Ambassador to the Galactic Council.

Not just anyone can become Ambassador—you must earn fame and glory by leaving the known universe behind. Delve deep into the unknown, discover new solar systems, meet new extraterrestrial lifeforms and use your diplomacy so they will aid you with their powers. As you explore the space in between, you’ll encounter wormholes, merchants, pirates and more. All of this is made easier with the right upgrades to your ship.

Discover the joy of building your own mothership. Add boosters to fly faster, lock on freight pods to increase your bargaining power and diplomacy, and outfit cannons to fend off pirates. Each mothership also has a unique shaking mechanism to determine your moves and encounters in the game

Ages: 14 + | Players: 2 - 4

In The Box

  • 4 x Large motherships
  • 24 x Cannons
  • 24 x Boosters
  • 20 x Frieght Pods
  • 28 x Colored balls
  • 6 x Game board tiles
  • 16 x Space sectors
  • 4 x Friendship Markers
  • 40 x Fame medal pieces
  • 36 x Number discs
  • 16 x Speical tokens
  • 100 x Resource cards
  • 32 x Encoutner cards
  • 20 x Friendship cards
  • 12 x Overview Cards
  • 92 x Player pieces
  • 2 x Dice
  • 2 x Component Trays
  • 1 x Sticker sheet
  • 1 x Rulebook
  • 1 x Almanac
  • 11 x Storage Bags

Additional Information

Condition New
Release Date 8th November 2019
Weight (kg) 2.600000
Barcode 029877030057
Series Catan
Product Type Board Games
Manufacturer Catan Studio
Recommended Age 14+
Region Code PAL
Number of Players 2 player, 3 player, 4 player
Theme Space, Family, Trading, Science Fiction
Item Code 162724

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