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Space Invaders Evolution [Pre-Owned] (PSP)

P/O PSP Software

Item Code: 153013

$24.00 -8%
No Longer Available
$24.00 -8%
No Longer Available


Space Invaders Evolution showcase mode is the Future Mode, where the basic concept of Space Invaders is reapplied to a new 3-D viewpoint and combined with Rhythm Action elements. The basic challenge is the same: Defend the Solar System from an invasion. However, this is done by eliminating a mothership rather than clearing the screen of enemies. The critical difference is that the mothership will continue to spawn invaders until it is defeated.<br/>When shot, the invaders provide fuel for rhythm-based attacks, which are the only means of defeating the all-important mothership. A handy beat counter is on screen at all times, allowing the player to precisely time the two types of rhythm attack. Future mode can also be played in a co-operative multiplayer mode with up to four other players, who are individually ranked on score at the end of each level.<br/>Another multiplayer mode present is Match-Up mode. Here, two players share one PSP to battle it out in a variation on the classic Space Invaders design.<br/>* Four play modes, effectively making three games in one product.<br/>* Match-up mode allows two people to play on one PSP.<br/>* Future Mode brings classic gaming concepts and rhythm action together in a completely new kind of game.<br/>* Features an accurate re-creation of the original Space Invaders, complete with secrets and exploits used by the best Space Invaders players in the world.<br/>* Wireless multiplayer allows co-operative Future Mode play whilst still competing for points.

Additional Information

Condition Pre-Owned
Release Date 10th May 2007
Weight (kg) 0.010000
Barcode 5060102950035
Product Type Video Game
Publisher Rising Star Games
Region Code PAL
Classification G
Platform Sony PSP
Genre Shooter
Item Code 153013

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