• FIFA 20 Tournament

    Have you got what it takes to be the Gamesmen FIFA Tournament Champion for 2019? This is your chance! To celebrate the upcoming release of FIFA, The Gamesmen are holding our 12th annual FIFA Tournament in store which concludes with the midnight launch of FIFA20! For the first time in Gamesmen history, we are holding a Junior (Under 14's) 16 person tournament on the same night!!!

    How do I enter?

    To enter, purchase one of the bundles that includes the tournament entry and select “collect In-Store” as the shipping method. Ensure the entrants full name is written during checkout as this will be the player written in our registration log. Entry fee is included in any of the FIFA 20 entry bundles.

    What time do I need to arrive by?

    All tournament entrants need to arrive between 6:00PM - 6:30PM  for bracket drafting as the tournament will begin at 7PM.

    Am I allowed to pick-up my standard copy of FIFA 20 at midnight?

    Unfortunately, no. The event is held on the eve of the FIFA 20 Champions Edition release. Due to the release of Champions Edition 3 days prior to the standard edition, we can’t release the standard edition till the 27th of September 2019. Only customers who have purchased FIFA 20 Champions Edition may grab their copy at midnight.

    What are the rules for the tournament?

    Rules for the tournament will be finalised and explained at the event.

    What are the prizes this year?

    This years prizes for both the Standard & Junior Tournaments will be announced in the near future.

    If I am not playing in the tournament, can I come by for the midnight launch to pick up my copy of FIFA 20 Champions Edition?

    Of course! At the end of the tournament, the event will be treated as a standard midnight launch, where anyone who pre-ordered or would like to grab a copy of FIFA 20 Champions Edition may do so after 12AM.

    For general enquires about the event, please call our store on (02) 9580 9888

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