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The Retro Video Game Museum


The Gamesmen's Video Game Museum is the largest collection of retro video games on display in Australia, with some of the rarest and sought after consoles, games and peripherals throughout the 40+ year history of video games.

In September of 2011, we sought to celebrate the history of video games in Australia to commemorate our own 40-year history in the industry with a space where visitors could take a trip down memory lane, rediscover the games that shaped their childhood, and relive their earliest memories of gaming. Since then, the museum and The Gamesmen's wider collection of retro games have continued to grow, with a myriad of classic, quirky, and sometimes surprising showpieces.

With a history spanning over 40+ years, an incredible number of now incredibly rare gems have passed through The Gamesmen's doors. Some of it is original store stock from back when the products were first released, some of it is the treasured property of our store staff, and some of it has been sourced, traded, or donated by customers and collectors.

The museum is ever-evolving, with new showpieces being added constantly, and new pieces up for sale, ensuring that no two visits to The Gamesmen are ever the same. Whether you're a first time visitor or a regular, we invite you to come to 491 Forest Road, Penshurst to see what we've got on display!

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Gamesmen Museum Trivia

What is the oldest item in the museum?

  • Released in 1972, the Magnavox Odyssey is the first home video game console ever released, and the oldest item in our museum.

How many consoles are in the museum?

  • There are over 60 home consoles and over 130 handhelds currently in the museum, from the classics we all know and love, to obscure consoles throughout the years, to very special collector's editions that you may not have known ever existed!

What is the rarest item in the museum?

  • The rarest item we have on display is a very special promotional scroll given to press outlets for the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on the Nintendo Gamecube. Only 3 are known to exist in the country, and one of a very select number worldwide.

What is the most you have been offered for something in the museum?

  • One of the most hotly requested items is the Yoshi's Island SNES console: we have been given offers of over $2,500 for it!

Which game is the most expensive in the museum?

  • Valued in the thousands of dollars, the "white box" Super Chase HQ for the SNES was an Australian exclusive release, and one of the rarest collectibles in the world!

What is your Favourite item in the museum?

  • Ultra Rare limited edition “club Nintendo Edition” 3DS Consoles Princess Peach, Toad and Mario

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