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      PlayStation 3 Repair - Disc(s) Stuck in Drive

      Item Code: 142185

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      Manufacturer's Description

      The Symptoms:

      1. The PlayStation will not accept discs, or you inserted a disc and now it will not eject.


      Important Checks before assuming a fault:

      In some instances where only one disc is stuck in the drive, you might find some success attempting a 'force eject';

      1. Switch the PlayStation off at the power point.
      2. Hold down the eject button.
      3. While holding the eject button switch the power back on.
      4. You should hear the consoles fan go into overdrive for up to 1 minute, and hopefully the disc will be ejected.


      The Fault:

      If the above force eject don't solve the problem, then the disc drive has become jammed in some way.

      IMPORTANT: This repair covers the un-jamming of the disc drive and a laser re-alignment, however it does not cover the cost of a laser replacement in the event that the laser has been damaged by the jam.


      The Cause:

      Many things can cause the disc drive to become jammed, including:

      • Inserting more than one disc by mistake.
      • Foreign objects inside the drive (common if you have kids around).
      • A build up of dust or grime, or even hairs that jam the motors.


      The Repair:

      We open up the disc drive and remove the disc(s) and any foreign objects inside the drive. We also include the following:

      • A 6 Month Warranty on the repair!
      • Full service: cleaning of all internal parts and removing all dust to improve air circulation.


      Our repair service has a 5 working day turnaround.

      Item Code 142185
      Product Type .Service
      Packaged Weight 0 Kg
      Release Date Saturday, 1st January 2011
      MPN REPPS36

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