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    Manufacturer's Description

    GT6 for PlayStation®3 will bring new levels of authenticity to ‘the Real Driving Simulator’ as well as introducing stunning new tracks and cars and a revised user interface. A new compact game engine will improve operation and increase the flexibility to expand it with downloadable content. Meanwhile, the game is also set for expanded connectivity with other devices such as smart phones and tablets and increased social and community functions.

    All of the cars and tracks from Gran Turismo®5, which has sold over 10m copies since launching in 2010, will be retained in GT6. But notable new additions to the already impressive line-up of historic cars, road cars and the latest race cars, brings the total car list to 1200 at launch, with new cars set to be continually added online. Several thousand aerodynamic parts and custom wheels will be available for almost all cars, and players can personalize their own custom cars in game to the greatest ever level possible.

    The UK’s famous Silverstone Circuit will be just one of seven new locations in Gran Turismo 6, taking the total to 33, with 71 different layouts available, 19 of them brand new. There will also be regular additions of new tracks set to be made available online. The improved course maker function will provide gorgeous scenery spanning several tens of square kilometers including the magnificent backdrop of Andalucía. 

    The theme of Gran Turismo’s innovative collaborations with partner companies will increase with the inception of GT6. A number of exciting new projects that blur the line between the virtual and real will be announced in the run up to the game’s launch. Not least of these is GT Academy, a collaboration with Nissan to unearth real racing driver talent that first ran in 2008. It was announced during the event that the competition returns for its biggest ever year in 2013, with the entry mechanic set to take place on an exclusive GT6 demo in July.

    Other notable partnerships in the development of GT6 have been with tyre manufacturer Yokohama Rubber and suspension company KW Automotive. Both companies are active in the commercial car industry and in racing, and they have acted as technical development partners for the game’s new physics engine, for its tyre and suspension kinematic modeling, creating an even more realistic experience for GT fans.

    “It is amazing to think that it is 15 years since we first released Gran Turismo,” explained Kazunori Yamauchi, during the announcement at Silverstone Circuit. “Things have changed a lot since then and now Gran Turismo 6 is a further evolution of my dream. We’re pleased to deliver GT6 to PlayStation 3 as we have a very loyal community on that platform. However, we have refactored the game to make it very flexible and expandable, with a view to making many future developments. I am very pleased with everything about the new game and the new additions, but the launch will be only the beginning for GT6. The game will continue to develop throughout its life. I already have many ideas for things I want to achieve in the next 15 years of Gran Turismo!”

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    More cars than ever before… GT6 features over 1,200 vehicles recreated in painstaking detail, including the current FIA GT3 category racers, supercars such as the Pagani Huayra ’11, historic classics like the BMW 507 ’57 and souped-up road cars such the Ford Focus ST ‘13. Each one has been designed with staggering detail, ensuring that each car looks, handles and sounds exactly like the metal equivalent. The collaborative ‘drive the future’ Vision Gran Turismo project has inspired a number of exclusive cars that will be released for the game periodically over the next year. The world’s leading car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, along with leading brands such as Nike have joined forces with PDI to create concept models that will give a unique insight into the future of the automotive sector. These cars can’t be driven anywhere else – not even in the real world… yet!

    Finest race circuits from around the world…GT6 boasts more tracks now than ever before, with 37 locations featuring 100 layouts. With the introduction of new tracks such as Ascari, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Mt. Panorama and Willow Springs, GT6 is poised to once again set a new bench mark for driving simulators, with each track having now been recreated to a precision of approximately 1cm or less in deviation from the real thing. PDI has even created a new Gran Turismo Arena, where players can set up their own series of hair-raising challenges and stunts.

    An upgraded ‘Course Maker’ feature... GT6 will allow players to create new tracks within the game when it is released through an update. An exciting addition to the functionality will be the inclusion of a new ‘GPS Logger’ mobile app for smart phone devices. Drivers will be able to record real GPS data from their own car and then recreate the route as a track in the game. The ‘GPS Visualizer’ also utilises GPS coordinate data from a real car on the real-life versions of the GT6 circuits. The data can then be imported into GT6 to create a ‘virtual’ replay image of your laps in the game.

    Breathtaking accuracy ….To make the most of the vast array of cars and tracks, the technology within the game is a step above the already impressive Gran Turismo®5. A new physics simulator, new aerodynamics, suspension and tyre models, and incredibly high-definition rendering mean that the cars look better and react even more realistically with the track. Once you’ve experienced GT6, there will be no going back.

    Games modes…GT6 introduces a variety of game play modes. The ‘Arcade Mode’ allows you to race against virtual competitors, take part in a single player time trial or drift trial, or have two players racing battles on a split-screen format. In the fan-favourite ‘Career Mode’ (formerly GT Mode), the player begins at the entry level and works their way through to higher racing licenses, just like a racing driver would in the real world. This is managed by a new star system for GT6, with in-game credits awarded for winning races and, as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock special events, such as an invitation to the virtual Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    Online racing… GT6 is further enhanced by the deepest online racing experience to date, where the community of players can create their own clubs, chat in forums and organise race events for their members. Groups can choose a closed private club, or an open club that can be joined by anyone. The ‘Open Lobby’ invites up to 16 drivers to race against each other online.

    The best garage in town…. While ‘Car Dealerships’ display the available vehicles by manufacturer, ‘Featured’ dealers will specialise in cars recommended for particular racing conditions. Once you’ve formed your perfect garage, it’s now even easier to organise and manage than ever before. You can start free runs and change racing gear directly from the garage, and there’s a stockyard for you to store your prized vehicles that you don’t normally use but can’t bear to part with. Meanwhile, the tuning shop allows you to purchase tyres, suspension kits, brake kits, and superchargers using in-game credits, as well as tuning engines and car bodies. The pit service allows you to wash and maintain your car and engine.

    New Game Engine

    • Adaptive Tessellation - Adaptive tessellation is next generation technology in terms of 3D model rendering. Tessellation involves dividing a polygon into multiple geometric tiles, and in adaptive tessellation, the polygons will automatically divide and become finer according to the viewing distance and position. This makes it possible to maintain the quality of the renders very high whether you are close or far from your viewing object.
    • HDR Rendering Engine - In order to more accurately express the wide dynamic range of real life scenery, the HDR dynamic range in Gran Turismo 6 has been made 50 times greater than that in GT5. This prevents over flaring of highlights and black outs in shadows caused by extreme differences in brightness. It also allows natural blurring effects, better motion blurring which increases dynamic motion effects, and makes the sparkle of lighting more realistic, immersing the player in a truly absorbing atmosphere.

    • Refactoring 
    • Compact, nimble operation 
    • Flexible expandability 
    • A new rendering engine that pushes the limits of the PS3

    New Physics Engine

      • New car physics simulation - The physics model which dictates car dynamics has been renewed completely. Load changes of the car, changes in vehicle attitude, relationship of the surface and the tyres are even more real now, and players familiar to the game will immediately feel the new depth in drive feel the first time they turn the steering wheel.
      • Tyre Modelling - With the help of our technical partner, the Yokohama Rubber, a new tyre model has been introduced that reflects the tyre compound, tyre structure, and changes in characteristics under extreme load conditions.
      • Suspension Modelling - In collaboration with German suspension manufacturer KW Automotive: the precision and reality of the model representing shock absorbers which governs the drive feel of cars, has improved significantly.
      • Aerodynamics - The down force, lift and air resistance – which continually changes according to the shape of the car – changes in vehicle attitude and its relationship with the ground surface, have all been recreated to a level of precision never seen before. Keen players will probably start to feel the airflow around the car as they drive.

    1200 Cars, abundant custom parts, and on-going DLC
    • From historic cars to the latest racing cars, the game contains a total of 1200 cars. 
    • Multiple aerodynamic parts and custom wheels will be available for almost all cars. 
    • Players can create their own personalised custom car in the game. 
    • Cars will be continually added online 

    33 locations, 71 layouts
    • 33 Locations and 71 layouts will be provided from day1 (7 more locations and 19 more layouts than GT5)
    • More new tracks will continue to be provided online

    New Locations

    • Willow Springs International Raceway - This famous circuit in California is now reaching its 60th anniversary, and is finally making an appearance in Gran Turismo. The Willow Springs International Raceway is a circuit that is located in a hilly region just outside of Los Angeles. Of its many layouts, the circuit we are introducing this time is the main course, the “Big Willow”. At 2.5 miles per lap, it is known for its high speed corners and undulating terrain.
    • Matterhorn - This is an original track that has been created in the vicinity of the Gornergrat station, which is known for its incredible view of the Matterhorn. This is a mountain course with steep climbs and sharp drops, located at an elevation of over 3000 metres. A sheer rock face follows along the track, but the width of the course is wide enough for overtaking. The sight of the European Alps as you cross over the hill here is simply spectacular. We hope everyone will enjoy the sheer scale of the nature around the track when driving this course

    New Course Maker
    • Massive scenery spanning several tens of square kilometers
    • A new course generation algorithm

    Community/Club/Race Organizer
    • Players can form their own communities
    • Various community levels from local and domestic to global
    • Players themselves can create and manage their own online events

    New User Interface
    • Balancing directional key operation and touch operation 
    • Quick response 
    • Shortening of loading times 

    Multi Device Compatibility
    • PlayStation®
    • Smart Phone
    • Tablet
    • PC 

    At the same time as the PS3 version of GT6 the “Real Driving Simulator” launches, a mobile version and web application version of GT6, will be created to enjoy Gran Turismo’s massive community space.

    Real/Virtual "Edge Effect" Activity
    A variety of "Edge Effects", the chemical reactions between the real world and the virtual world for which the Gran Turismo series is famous, are also planned for GT6. Exciting collaborations between various automotive manufacturers and collaborations with brands crossing different industries will be revealed gradually across the next six months.

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