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      Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Pack: Pandora Tomorrow & Chaos Theory

      for PC

      Item Code: 132173

      No longer available

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      Manufacturer's Description

      A That's Hot! Double Shot!
      Get 2 scorching hot Splinter Cell games, Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory, for less than $20!

      Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow

      The year is 2006...the setting, Southeast Asia. The U.S military are installed to protect the country, currently in the grip of terrorism from dangerous Indonesian guerrilla militia factions, who are threatening both military and civilian lives. Only one man can defend and assist the U.S military, eradicate the guerrilla factions and restore peace to Southeast Asia. This man goes by the name of Sam Fisher...

      • Exciting new moves! Maximise Sam's lethal fighting skills - spin out of the shadows and kill silently, fight in jungles, on rooftops or on top of (and under) a moving train.
      • Advanced AI makes it harder than ever to get past enemies; if you reveal yourself they'll get reinforcements and put on armour.
      • Weapons now have secondary functions that can be equipped on the fly - you'll be amazed at the advantage you get from the red dot of the laser sight.
      • Unbelievable online gameplay - you'll become a team of Third Echelon agents like Sam, competing against deadly mercenaries in a series of multiplayer action shooters!
      • Cutting edge espionage weapons, action and equipment - the most advanced weapons, gadgets and stealth moves.
      • Stunning visual effects and cinematic atmosphere create an intense and realistic world featuring cutting-edge graphics.
      • The 1st multiplayer stealth game - play as a Shadownet in 3rd person view or as a Mercenary in 1st person view in a revolutionary online multiplayer mode.

      Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory

      The year is 2008. Citywide blackouts... stock exchange sabotage... electronic hijacking of national defense systems... this is information warfare, which has become the most dangerous threat to global stability. To prevent these attacks, you must infiltrate deep into hostile territory and aggressively collect critical intelligence, closer than ever to enemy soldiers. You are Sam Fisher, the NSA's most elite black-ops agent. To achieve your mission you will operate undetected, kill at close-range, attack with your combat knife, shoot with the modular SC20K rifle, and use radical suppression techniques such as the inverted neck break. Work alone, or enjoy the thrill of cooperative multiplayer infiltration missions, where teamwork is the ultimate weapon.

      • Exclusive Close-Range Kills - From knife attacks to athletic hand-to-hand kills such as inverted neck breaks, dramatic ledge throws and other new moves
      • Co-Op Stealth - Play online or offline multiplayer with a friend and coordinate your infiltration in an all new multiplayer challenge
      • Real Weapons of Tomorrow - The most complete arsenal of weapons and gadgets from the knife to the modular SC20K rifle
      • Amazing replayability - Totally open level design with multi-paths and optional secondary objectives
      • Ultimate Challenge - Intelligent enemies that make your mission more risky as you must get closer to them than ever before
      • High-Risk Missions - Steal sensitive documents from under the nose of your enemies, takeout a terrorist surrounded by his bodyguards...
      • As Good As Real - Never-before-seen graphics technology offers the best visuals ever seen on any console. Advanced physics engine allows rag doll physics, particle effects and perfect interaction with the environment
      • Thrilling Scenario - In-game gut wrenching sequences and gripping plot with multiple twists and turns
      • Versus Multiplayer Levels - Compete as teams of Shadow Net Spies or Argus Mercenaries in Pandora-style competitive levels. Enjoy new cooperative maneuvers and interactions, gadgets and weapons, hand-to-hand combat actions, additional ways to taunt adversaries, and three game modes (scenario, disk hunt and deathmatch), as well as dynamic, evolving environments with elements like destructible walls and actionable triggers that directly affect gameplay
      Item Code 132173
      Product Type PC Software
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Release Date Thursday, 11th February 2010
      Condition New
      Barcode 3307211657236
      Genre Action/Adventure
      Platform(s) PC

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