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      Sins Of A Solar Empire

      for PC

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      Manufacturer's Description

      Your People Await
      Assume ultimate control over one of three galactic powers: an ancient alien civilization running from a terror of their own creation, a loose coalition of traders forced to annex their own people or an exiled empire of powerful psionics bent on revenge.

      Will you lead them to salvation or condemn them to extinction? The choice is yours...


      • Explore & Conquer Star Systems:
        - Amass and command epic fleets
        - Discover space anomalies and artifacts
        - Fortify and develop key planets
        - Visit distant star systems in real-time
      • Build A Thriving Empire:
        - Master culture and trade
        - Forge alliances and declare bounty
        - Research advanced technologies
        - Customize mighty capital ships
      • Dominate In Real-Time:
        - Smoothly zoom from meters to light years
        - Compete online in epic multiplayer
        - Save online games for later play
      • Explore- The Sins universe has a scale like no other. Discover vast worlds, stunning starscapes, dangerous nebulae and other space anomalies. But stay on your guard, native cultures will not always welcome you with open arms.
      • Expand - Quickly stake your claim on prime planets and asteroids to deny your enemy of their riches. Advance your empire through military conquest, cultural dominance or economic prowess
      • Exploit - Become a mining magnate by stripping nearby asteroids of their precious minerals. Capitalize on the natural wealth of each planet and prospect for ancient relics with untold powers.
      • Exterminate - Victory will only be achieved when your enemies lie broken and defeated at your feet. Only once you have secured peace and safety for your people can you rest.
      • Manipulate - Take advantage of the weakness, generosity or gullibility of opposing rulers. Pay tribute to other factions and entice space pirates with bounty to do the dirty work for you.
      • Defend - Your ships cannot be everywhere at once. Use defensive platforms and strategic choke points to secure and protect your planets from enemy fleets.
      • Trade - Not all wars are fought on the front lines. Corner the black market and build a thriving inter-galactic trade network.
      • Fleets - Easily command your massive armada with a slick user interface, customized ships, intelligent unit AI and innovative battle management controls.


      Minimum System Requirements:
      Windows® XP SP2/Vista
      1.8 GHz Single Core Processor
      512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM for Windows Vista)
      128 MB 3D Video Card (GeForce 6600/Radeon 9600 or Better)
      DirectX 9.0c
      Broadband Connection for Internet Multiplayer
      Recommended Requirements
      2.2 GHz Dual Core Processor or Better
      1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM for Windows Vista)
      256 MB 3D Video Card (GeForce 7800/Radeon x1600 or Better)

      Item Code 127097
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Release Date Thursday, 24th April 2008
      Condition New
      Product Type Video Games
      Barcode 831053001900
      Genre Strategy
      Platform(s) PC

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