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    Hellgate London

    for PC

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    Manufacturer's Description

    London, 2038.
    The once great city lies in ruins. A massive, sinister gash in the fabric of our reality gnarls and churns, dominating the horizon as it blends into a permanently darkened sky. The unspeakable cataclysm that befell London threatened to engulf the world as the shadow of the deamons fell across the face of mankind...
    * Fight through London - The city is in ruins, but remains unmistakable. Rubble litters the streets and the buildings that once stood proud in the skyline are now vacant, shadowed hulks burning with eternal hellfire. What's left of the once-great city now serves as the arena for the great battles that pit the human resistance against their demonic enemy.
    * Play two sides of Mankind - The battle of good versus evil stands out in stark contrast against the decisions that must be made within that fight. The Templar serve a faithful Order whose beliefs and rituals are filled with promise. They believe in a higher power, and that they are warriors put here to battle darkness. The Cabalists are seekers of knowledge, and their goals and beliefs reflect this eternal quest. They often see the darkest hour as a new opportunity. Whichever path they tread, it is one that defines them heroes.
    * Abolish four castes of Deamons - The demons that swept across the face of the earth when the gates of Hell opened are varied in size, shape, ability and power. The careful observer will note that these abominations fall into one of four distinct categories, or castes and two distinct ranks.
    * Customization is the key - Some equipment can be modified through the introduction of various technological and magical elements, commonly called Mods. These Mods are typically integrated into pre-defined slots or hard points on an item through a simple procedure that can be performed by any adventurer. Whether found or fabricated, Mods can improve or alter the abilities of the item they are placed into. The modification of an item commonly results in a corresponding change in its silhouette as they are designed to be easily integrated and removed. Basically, it is a simple and common matter for Mods to be popped in and out of items designed to use them.
    Item Code 127416
    Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
    Release Date Thursday, 1st November 2007
    Condition New
    Product Type Video Game
    Barcode 5030941057226
    MPN 5030941057226
    Genre RPG
    Platform(s) PC

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