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      Space Shuttle

      for PC

      Item Code: 137465

      No longer available

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      Manufacturer's Description

      This unique expansion for Flight Simulator X takes Flight Simulation into orbit. Now, armchair pilots can swap their headsets for space suits and bring the Shuttle back from space to a safe landfall at Kennedy Space Centre.

      The development team at Captain Sim has harnessed the skills of a Shuttle-trained Cosmonaut to develop a flight sim first. All six Shuttle orbiters are faithfully modelled and the systems and avionics are re-created to an extremely high level of detail. It's out of this world!

      Another quality expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, from Just Flight, the #1 publisher in the field!


      Highly detailed exterior models are available in the following six variations:

      • OV-101 Enterprise
      • OV-102 Columbia (lost during STS-107)
      • OV-099 Challenger (lost during STS-51-L)
      • OV-103 Discovery
      • OV-104 Atlantis
      • OV-105 Endeavour

      Feature Summary

      • High resolution Commander view 2D Panel
      • HUD
      • Exterior model animation control panel
      • Simicons panel
      • Radio panel
      • GPS panels
      • 33 custom model animations
      • Highly detailed 3D virtual cockpit (VC) depiction of the flight deck with aft crew station, mid deck with airlock and payload bay
      • 238 custom 3D animations in the VC
      • 3D flight instruments
      • VC High resolution textures
      • Systems programming
      • Exclusive effects
      • Realistic flight model
      • Pre-saved flights
      • Voice package
      • Add-on scenery


      • Payload Bay Doors (2)
      • SRMS (Shuttle Remote Manipulator System)
      • Drag Chute
      • Radiators (2)
      • Side Hatch
      • Air Probes (2)
      • Antenna
      • Vent Doors (8)
      • Elevons (4)
      • Rudder
      • Speed Brake (2)
      • Body Flap
      • Landing Gears (extension/retraction, wheel rotation, shocks animation etc) (3)
      • Landing Gear Doors (4)

      Highly detailed 3D virtual cockpit

      • Flight deck with aft crew station
      • Mid deck with airlock
      • Payload bay

      Custom 3D animations in the VC

      Flight deck

      • ADI (3)
      • Altitude/vertical velocity indicator (2)
      • Alpha/mach indicator (2)
      • Accelerometer
      • Surface position indicator
      • Control stick (2)
      • Pedals (4)
      • Pedals adjustment crank (2) left and right
      • Speedbrake control lever (2)
      • Switches, buttons, knobs, selectors (213)

      Middle deckÂ

      • MD side hatch
      • Airlock hatch (2)

      Payload bay

      • Antenna payload bay door (2)

      High resolution 2Dpanels

      • High resolution Commander view 2D Panel
      • HUD
      • Exterior Model Animation Control Panel
      • Simicons Panel
      • Radio panel
      • GPS panels
      • Systems Programming

      Pre-saved flights

      Three flights are included in Space Shuttle

      • Entry starts at Entry Interface Point (altitude 400,000 feet, M=26)
      • TAEM starts at TAEM Interface Point (altitude 82,000 feet, M=2.6)
      • Approach starts at A/L Interface Point (altitude 15,000 feet, 380KIAS)

      Voice package
      Space Shuttle includes a voice package (19 cues).

      The voice package is based on actual crew and Mission Control Centre communications. It works in real time according to current flight situation.

      Radio landing aids

      Space Shuttle includes the radio aids that provide original Space Shuttle -19°/-17° steep OGS glide slope and shallow glide slope for runway 15 and 33 at the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility (X68) in Florida.

      Flight Simulator 2004

      There is also a bonus version included for FS2004. Due to limitations in FS2004 this is a much simplified version and features:

      • 99,000 ft altitude limit
      • No Entry phase flight
      • TAEM flight start at lower altitude on HAC
      • Entry plasma trail and Orbiter body heat effects not included


      Minimum System Requirements

      Flight Simulator X (Acceleration/SP2 compatible)
      1Gb RAM
      128Mb+ 3D graphics card
      Windows XP
      1Gb hard disk space
      DVD-ROM drive

      Item Code 137465
      Product Type PC Software
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Release Date Tuesday, 4th September 2007
      Condition New
      Barcode 893782001132
      Genre Flight
      Platform(s) PC

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