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    • Many novel effects are featured, including dropping of ordnance, smoke and firing guns.

      There are three detailed Mosquito variants with four liveries included in this package.


      Mosquito B. Mk IV - 'GB-G' DK296 105 Squadron, No. 2 Group, mid-1942. This is the aircraft which led the famous attack on the Gestapo headquarters in Oslo, Norway on the 25th September 1942.


      Mosquito FB. Mk VI - 'NE-A' HR 405 of 143 Squadron RNFAA, flown by Flg Officers A V Randell and R R Rawlins, Banff Strike Wing.


      Mosquito FB. Mk VI - 'TS-B' MM404 of 464 Squadron RAAF, flown by Sqn Ldr Ian McRitchie and Flt Lt R W "Sammy" Sampson 18th February 1944. This aircraft was involved in the famous Amiens Prison raid. Hit by flak, McRitchie, badly wounded crash landed TS-B and survived as a POW. Sampson did not survive.


      Mosquito FB. Mk XVIII 'Tsetse' - 'O' NT225 of 248 Squadron RAF 1945 the ground attack and anti-shipping fighter-bomber developed from FB Mk VI. A Molins 6-pounder 57mm cannon firing 25 rounds carried and 4 x .303 machine guns made up the armament.

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