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      DC-6B: Legends of Flight

      for PC

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      Australian Owned & Operated


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      Manufacturer's Description

      This great new collection of DC-6B passenger airliners includes the Intercontinental four-window model and the five-window Domestic day plane variant both with and without radar and propeller spinners. Pilots can enjoy high quality 3D virtual cockpits, ten stunning liveries, custom flight dynamics, a high fidelity sound set for the distinctive Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp engines and a comprehensive manual with flight tutorial.The DC-6B was the epitome of the radial piston engine passenger aircraft. Powerful, noisy and smoky on engine start-up, the DC-6B was flown all over the world and opened up air travel on every continent. Originally designed in 1944 as the XC-112 military transport aircraft, the DC-6B was reworked into a civilian aircraft in order to compete with Lockheed’s Constellation. The aircraft was a true success story, with some of the 700 aircraft that were built still in service today, predominantly in cargo roles.The DC-6B was also used heavily by the United States Air Force and Navy, known as the C-118B or VC-118 in military service, even serving as Air Force One.Developed by the classic airliner experts at Aeroplane Heaven, DC-6B Legends of Flight was built exclusively for Flight Simulator X. Fully functional virtual cockpits, detailed passenger cabins and numerous exterior animations make this a true legend of flight!



      • Domestic Day-plane (5 window) - Non-radar - No Spinners
      • Domestic Day-plane (5 window) - Radar - Spinners
      • Intercontinental (4 window) - Radar - No Spinners
      • Intercontinental (4 window) - Radar - Spinners


      • Operating passenger and cargo doors
      • Full flyable virtual cockpit
      • Specular map to give realistic light effect on aircraft
      • A great set of bump maps to give a more realistic 3D feeling to the livery sets
      • Multiple viewpoints
      • Passenger boarding steps and ground crew vehicle customised to each airline
      • Stewardess figure in doorway.
      • Engine covers, chocks, fluttering pre-flight flags and control surface chocks
      • Fully detailed interior with complete passenger section and stewardess
      • High-fidelity sound set showcasing the distinctive Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp engines
      • Comprehensive 60-page manual


      • Highly functional and accurate VC, shadow textured as appropriate
      • All switches, knobs and levers animated, most with bespoke animations
      • Authentic fuel selection system for each engine and water/methanol injection system included


      • Four models and ten highly detailed and authentic international airline liveries in super-resolution:
      • Domestic Day-plane (5 window) - Non-radar - No Spinners
      • United Air Lines - Circa 1957
      • American Airlines - Circa 1956
      • Domestic Day-plane (5 window) - Radar - Spinners
      • Sterling - Circa 1968
      • Northwest - Circa 1956
      • Intercontinental (4 window) - Radar - No Spinners
      • Balair - Circa 1966
      • JAL - Circa 1960
      • Sabena - Circa 1968
      • Intercontinental (4 window) - Radar – Spinners
      • Red Bull - Circa 2011
      • Pan Am - Circa 1961
      • British Eagle - Circa 2011
      • A layered, tiled paint kit is supplied so you can create your own liveries (suitable additional paint program such as Photoshop required).


      • Touchdown tyre smoke effects
      • Engine start smoke/flame effects


      • Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates.
      • FSX DX10 preview compatible
      • Bump mapping
      • Specular maps
      • Night maps


      • Custom designed flight dynamics; tested by real-world pilots
      • Full checklists and reference files are provided

      Product Type PC Software
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Condition New
      Barcode 893782001453
      Genre Flight
      Platform(s) PC
      • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, SP2 and Direct X 10 preview compatible)
      • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
      • 1.0GB RAM
      • 256Mb 3D graphics card
      • Windows 7, Vista or XP
      • 910MB hard drive space

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