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      Farming Simulator Gold Edition

      for PC

      Item Code: 146305

      No longer available

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      Manufacturer's Description

      Become a farmer and experience the thrill of driving heavy modern farm equipment as you try and feed the world! Choose from a variety of vehicles and implements, and explore the huge, over 4 km ², island.

      Either play missions (ideal for learning how to operate the heavy machinery) or enter career mode.

      In career mode you start in a sparsely-equipped farmhouse with old equipment. You set to work plowing, cultivating and seeding fields with the intention that the resulting harvest will provide you with the financial resources to better equip your yard and increase your productivity!

      • Career mode with business section
      • Numerous missions and tutorials
      • Large fleet of authentic Fendt vehicles
      • Variety of equipment
      • 4 crops: barley, corn, canola and wheat
      • Day and night cycle with changing weather
      • Download additional vehicles and equipment with automatic mod installation
      • Supports Gamepad & Steering Wheel

      New Content in the Gold Edition

      • 4 completely new missions: grubbing, seeding, spraying and bale collecting
      • 7 new tools and vehicles: 3 grubbers for cultivation, 2 seeding machines from HORSCH, a spraying machine and an automatic bale collector
      • New configuration menu for a free key assignment of keyboard and gamepad
      • Support of more gamepads, joysticks and steering wheels

      There are two ways to play either Mission based - which is great for learning how to operate the machinery - or Career Mode.

      There are 17 missions in the standard game which offer you a quick introduction and give you the opportunity to directly try out the different vehicles and tools. Missions with a green border are part of a series of tutorials that show you the necessary steps to cultivate a field successfully.

      When you start a mission, a set of photos explains the current objective and shows all the relevant shortcut keys. Each mission either needs to be completed within a given time limit, or a certain goal has to be reached. Depending on how well you did, you receive either a bronze, a silver or a gold medal at the end of a mission.

      Career Mode
      In the career mode you are free to do whatever you want. When starting a new career, you can select a save state which keeps track of your progress. Then you can choose one of three difficulty levels. The difficulty determines, among other things, your starting capital, the amount of grain you already have in your silos, and the prices for delivered grain.

      • The Farm - You start the game with a moderate pool of vehicles and tools which largely consists of decrepit machinery. Although you can certainly work with this equipment, you should purchase more powerful machines as soon as you have the financial means.
      • Silos - There are several silos at your farm where you can store your harvest temporarily. Each silo is labeled with the grain type it contains. To store your harvest in a silo you have to unload the filled tipper in the southwestern corner of the farm. When the tipper stands in its correct position, a green symbol is displayed, and you can unload the tipper. To load a tipper you have to steer it underneath the silo. The | opens automatically as soon as you're positioned correctly.
      • Fields - To earn money you need to cultivate the island's fields (see tutorial missions) and deliver the harvest to one of the three grain stations (mill, port, brewery). The prices of the grain types change continuously and not every station accepts all types of grain or pays the same price. Your PDA informs you about the current prices at all times.
      • Fendt Station - The local farm machines trader offers a broad range of vehicles and tools. Here you can invest your hard-earned money in better equipment and sell your old vehicles. The store's buying prices always stay the same. If you want to sell something, the sum of money you get largely depends on your current reputation.

      Vehicles and Implements

      • Tractors -
        Tractors are essential for your daily work. The old tractor you own at the start of the career mode is somewhat deficient and won't get you very far. As soon as you can afford a more powerful vehicle, you should visit the local Fendt Station.
      • Front Loader -
        The front loader tractor allows you to perform several transport tasks, such as carrying straw bales onto the conveyor belt at your farm or transporting pallets from A to B.
      • Plows - Before you can seed your field, you need to loosen up the soil with a plow. There are several plows of different sizes available in the game.
      • Sowing Machines - You can freely select what you want to sow. You can choose between wheat, barley, corn, canola and grass. You only have to sow grass once as it regrows after you've mowed it.
      • Sprayers - You need to tend your fields, or you won't get the best harvest out of your fields. While the plants are growing you should fertilize them with the sprayer. You can buy two sprayers with different working widths at the store.
      • Combine Harvester -
        Once the grain is ripe you can climb into a combine, attach the fitting cutter and harvest the field. To harvest corn you need to attach the specially designed corn cutter.
      • Trailers - Once the combine's grain tank is full, you can unload the harvest into a tipper. Then you can drive the trailer to one of the three grain stations (mill, port, brewery) where you receive money for your crop.

      • Quad Baler - The straw that accumulates during the threshing process can be pressed into bales with the baler. You can transport these bales with the front loader to the straw elevator at your farm. You can also use the baler to press dry grass to hay bales.
      • Cultivators - You use a cultivator to work the soil of a freshly harvested field. After cultivating a field, you can just seed it again. It is up to you if you want to plow the field beforehand.
      • Mowers -
        Grass ready to be mowed can be recognized by the flowers growing in it. Attach a mower to your tractor and drive over the meadow.
      • Grass Forage Wagon -
        The grass forage wagon automatically loads mowed grass. You simply need to attach the wagon to a tractor, activate it and then drive over the mowed grass. Grass can be dumped on the grass heap at your farm, which earns you some money.
      • Tedder -
        To accelerate the drying process of mowed grass, you can turn it over with the rotor tedder. The dry hay can then be gathered with the forage wagon or you can press it into bales with the baler.
      • Windrower -
        The windrower prepares mowed grass by raking it into windrows which, makes it easier for the forage wagon or the baler to collect it.

      Minimum System Requirements:

      Windows XP/ Vista
      2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor
      1 GB RAM
      1 GB available hard disc space
      Nvidia Geforce 6800 Series, ATI Radeon X850 or S3 Chrome 430 GT graphics card (minimum 128 MB VRAM)
      sound card

      Item Code 146305
      Product Type PC Software
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Release Date Thursday, 4th November 2010
      Condition New
      Barcode 5060020474224
      Genre Simulation
      Platform(s) PC

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