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      Far Cry & Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Complete

      for PC

      Item Code: 132346

      No longer available

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      Manufacturer's Description

      A That's Hot! Double Shot!
      Get 2 scorching hot shooters, Far Cry and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, for less than $20!

      Far Cry
      An accidental hero finds himself on a remote tropical paradise, where a madman plays God; engineering various species of enhanced creatures to replace what he believes is a genetic dead-end... mankind. The game is set around 2020 on a set of tropical islands in the pacific. And has a strong tropical-paradise feel, scenic in its beauty, but, harbors a terrible threat. It is a mix of jungle / primal / and next-gen technology. As the player you find yourself drawn into a secretive plot involving secret research facilities with scientists involved in military genetic-research, a secret "security" force of mercenaries, and, advanced net-generation weaponry and equipment.

      • Beautiful tropical islands and oppressive indoor locations set the scene for 20 vast, non-linear missions
      • Master an arsenal of cutting-edge weaponry and vehicels to overcome the odds and uncover a deadly conspiracy
      • Fight perceptive enemies who adapt and improvise their tactics according to the given situation
      • Innovative multiplayer modes with revolutionary features such as sniper flare and the support class
      • Includes "What You See Is What You Play" real-time level editor - Easily create your own maps, missions and scenarios

      Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Complete

      The Ultimate collection of the 2001 PC Game of the Year, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and it's 2 add-ons, Desert Siege & Island Thunder. Experience the most intense and realistic tactical shooter ever created!

      Russia has fallen under the control of ultra-nationalistic leaders intent on rebuilding the Iron Curtain. This leads to conflict with NATO as Russia attempts to reclaim the breakaway republic of Georgia, and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As the war escalates, casualties mount, hostages are taken and the Ghosts are sent in. Take command of the Ghosts through a series of missions that range from demolitions, to search and rescue, to all-out firefights for survival.

      • Squad-based tactical combat with next-generation military action in stunning 3D environments.
      • Mission-driven storyline with 15 different singleplayer maps (as big as 400m x 400m), and 6 dedicated multiplayer maps.
      • Up to 36 people can play online multiplayer games via internet (TCP/IP) or LAN.
      • Specialist characters that can join your team who add much needed firepower with their own, distinctive weapons.
      • Easy to use on-the-fly mission planning interface gives the player total, flexible control over their squads.
      • Simulates the latest military hardware including the OICW combat systems and the Land Warrior command and control system.
      • Desert Siege - In the wake of the upheaval in Russia, a series of small brushfire wars erupt around the world. One of the deadliest is a resumption of hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which is spurred by a coup in Addis Ababa. Armed with Russian weaponry, the Ethiopian military, led by a man named Colonel Tesfaye Wolde, makes a successful grab for the Eritrean coastline. The Ethiopian offensive sends the Eritrean forces into hurried retreat. Shipping on the Red Sea is disrupted, and relief efforts in the interior come crashing to a halt. At the request of the Eritrean government, and in order to advert a humanitarian crisis, an international coalition is built in response.The Ghosts are the spearhead of this force. Their job is to lead the way for the multinational force and help push the invading troops back to their own border.
      • Island Thunder - Cuba, 2009: Castro is dead, and the first free elections in decades are thrown into turmoil by a drug-funded warlord. The Ghosts, an elite team of U.S. Army Green Berets, are sent to Cuba as part of a UN peacekeeping force to destroy the rebel forces and their mercenary leaders and secure the elections for a free Cuba.

      Minimum System Requirements:
      Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ XP
      Pentium III 1 GHz or AMD Athlon 1 GHz processor
      256 MB RAM
      Geforce 2 64 MB/ ATI Radeon 8500 video card
      DirectX 9
      4x DVD-ROM drive
      DirectX-compatible sound card
      6 GB free HD space
      Mouse & Keyboard

      Item Code 132346
      Product Type PC Software
      Packaged Weight 0.21 Kg
      Release Date Monday, 23rd March 2009
      Condition New
      Barcode 3307211658820
      Genre Shooter
      Platform(s) PC

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