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      Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary

      for PC

      Item Code: 146113

      No longer available

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      Manufacturer's Description

      To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Just Flight brings you a package containing the three key aircraft in this desperate struggle in the air - the Spitfire, Hurricane and the Me 109.

      Custom built exclusively for Just Flight with incredibly detailed and ultra-high quality cockpits, numerous model variations, exacting flight dynamics, realistic engine sounds and high-resolution liveries, this is the ultimate simulation package to commemorate the Battle of Britain in FSX!

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      Features overview
      • Developed exclusively for Flight Simulator X
      • Highly detailed exterior models
      • Extremely high-quality interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit
      • Great sounds
      • Canopy jettison feature
      • Highly authentic liveries
      • Animated pilot figure
      • Visible detailed engines
      • Numerous animations
      • High fidelity flight models
      • Detailed manual
      • Engine start effects
      • Gun visual and sounds effects
      • Multiple viewpoints


      Spitfire Models

      First prototype
      Prototype as seen at 1936 Hendon Air Pageant
      Spitfire Mk1 with two-blade propeller
      Spitfire Mk1A

      Spitfire Interior models

      Mk1 early with manual gear extension and 'ring & bead' gunsight (also used for Prototypes)
      Mk1A production type
      Spitfire models feature the correct hand pump type gear extension in early versions.

      Spitfire animations

      Cockpit drop-down door
      Engine starter battery trolley
      Opening radio compartment with radio set sliding out
      Animated pilot figure
      Canopy jettison feature on Mk 1A
      Sliding canopy
      Undercarriage (chassis)
      Wing top undercarriage status indicators

      Included Spitfire aircraft
      • Spitfire Prototype K5054
      • spitfire  Prototype K5054
      • spitfire 19 Squadron Mk1 K9795
      • spitfire 19 Squadron Mk1 QV-W K9854
      • spitfire 65 Squadron Mk1 FZ-L K9906
      • spitfire 74 Squadron Mk1 ZP-A
      • spitfire 19 Squadron Mk1A QV-H P9546
      • spitfire 19 Squadron Mk1A QV-K P9386
      • spitfire 54 Squadron Mk1A KL-B P9398
      • spitfire 222 Squadron Mk1A ZD-F P9323
      • spitfire 610 Squadron Mk1A DW-O L1043
      • spitfire 65 'East India' Squadron Mk1A YT-J R6775


      Hurricane Models

      Hawker Hurricane  Mk1 'Battle of France' period. Wooden two-bladed propeller, ring-and-bead gun sight, fabric wings
      Hawker Hurricane Mk1 'Battle of Britain' period
      Hurricane Interior models

      Early Hurricane with ring-and-bead gun sight
      Mk1 Production cockpit
      Hurricane models feature ring-and-bead and rReflector gun sights depending on the variant.

      Hurricane animations

      Opening inspection hatches and a full detailed exterior cockpit
      Fuel tank cover can be removed to reveal tank, supply pipes and fittings
      Inspection panel on starboard side can be removed to reveal cockpit detail
      Gun hatches on wing can be removed to reveal Browning machine guns, ammunition feeders and fully modelled shells
      Animated retracting foot step and hand grabs
      Movable radiator flap
      Engine starter battery trolley

      Included Hurricane aircraft
      • Prototype K5083
      • First production Hurricane JX-H L1842 (Battle of France era)
      • First production Hurricane FT-N L1723 (Battle of France era)
      • First production Hurricane JX-G (Battle of France era)
      • Early production Hurricane L1584 from 1938
      • Royal Yugoslav Air Force
      • Standard RAF Hurricane Mk1 GZ-L P2921 (Battle of Britain era)
      • Standard RAF Hurricane Mk1 UP-W R4118 (Battle of Britain era)
      • Standard RAF Hurricane Mk1 KZ-W L1592 (Battle of Britain era)
      • Standard RAF Hurricane Mk1 YB-W P3878 (Battle of Britain era)
      • Standard RAF Hurricane Mk1 LE-D V7467 (Battle of Britain era)

      BATTLE OF BRITAIN - Me 109

      Me 109 Models

      BF109 E4 Battle of Britain version
      BF109 E4 Tropical version

      VC features specific to the Me 109

      High resolution textures and alpha mapped text (text remains sharp however much you zoom in)
      All text in correct German language
      Load-out Manager available from within VC with four load-outs (long range fuel tank, large bomb, four 'bomblets' and clean/unloaded)

      Me 109 animations

      Side-hinged canopy
      Opening radio door which reveals a period correct FUG radio system
      Opening engine cover reveals an accurate Daimler Benz engine and nose guns

      Included Me 109 aircraft
      • Me 109-E StabII/JG54
      • Me 109-E Tropical 1/Jg27
      • Me 109-E II/JG53
      • Me 109-E Japanese evaluation aircraft
      • Me 109-E Escadrila 58, Grupul 7 Vanatoare
      • Me 109-E 3.J/88, Condor Legion (Spanish Nationalists)
      • Me 109-E Russian
      • Me 109-E Captured French
      • Me 109-E Staffel 9 Gruppe I JG27
      • Me 109-E Staffel 9 Gruppe 2 JG27
      • Me 109-E 3.JG52
      • Me 109-E Stab III/JG54
      • Me 109-E Stab 9/JG54 Yellow 13
      • Me 109-E Stab/JG2 heavily stippled mottle
      • Me 109-E Stab/JG26
      • Me 109-E Stab/JG2
      • Me 109-E Stab/JG3


      Flight Simulator X (SP2 & DirectX 10 Preview compatible)

      2.5GHz PC or any Dual Core

      512Mb RAM

      Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista

      128Mb 3D graphics card

      1.7Gb hard drive space

      Item Code 146113
      Product Type PC Software
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Release Date Monday, 27th May 2013
      Condition New
      Barcode 5035063006398
      Genre Simulation
      Platform(s) PC

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