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      747 200/300 Series F-Lite

      for PC

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      Manufacturer's Description

      747-200/300 Series for FSX and FS2004 features highly detailed versions of the regular, combi and cargo 747-200/300 models.

      The 747 is probably the most recognised airliner in the world, with its distinctive hump on the forward fuselage which houses the cockpit as well as the upper passenger deck. Having been in service since the 1970s there can't be many air travellers who haven't flown long distance in this icon of the airways.

      The experts at CLS (Commercial Level Simulations) have worked their magic to design superb models of the 747 in both the -200 and -300 variants, and included in this package are 21 liveries from around the world along with different flight models for the different versions.

      The panels features full analogue Pilot, Co-Pilot and Flight Engineer panels, as well as the overhead panel, throttle quadrant and radio stack. The Flight Engineer's station has expanded pop-ups for easier viewing.

      A limited function F-Lite FMC allows for SIDs and STARs in the Flight Simulator database, Radio and Navigation frequency entry, V-speed calculation, 'direct to' waypoint features, progress display, estimated fuel on board and more.


      • Highly detailed exterior models
      • High quality interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit
      • 2D panel with custom gauges
      • 21 highly detailed liveries
      • Detailed manual
      • Option for showing the wings from the interior view (wing view)
      • Pushback truck (can be switched on/off for FSX)
      • Air stairs for passenger models
      • Dynamic wing flex
      • Detailed flight deck when seen from the exterior
      • Numerous animations - pPassenger doors‚ cargo doors‚ flaps‚ rudder‚ elevators‚ undercarriage‚ engine fans‚ thrust reversers and spoilers
      • High quality sound sets
      • Rolls-Royce‚ Pratt and Whitney and General Electric engines modelled.Â


      • Dynamic wing flex
      • Dynamic shine
      • Operating passenger and cargo doors
      • XML coded landing gear for better visual performance
      • Pushback truck (can be switched on/off for FSX)
      • Stairs Option for showing wings in the interior view (wing view).
      • Fully flyable photorealistic virtual cockpit
      • FS2004 version only: Extra bonus vehicles around the aircraft on the ramp


      • Passenger doors
      • Cargo doors
      • Realistic thrust reverser animation
      • Engine fans
      • Fully animated control surfaces: flaps‚ rudder‚ elevators‚ undercarriage‚ spoilers.

      Special effects

      • Tyre/wet runway water effects
      • Engine start smoke
      • Touchdown tyre smoke effects
      • Fire/sparks from the rear underbelly when you over-rotate
      • Burning rubber effects
      • Inspection lights
      • Dynamic wing flex

      Texture artwork

      • Dynamic shine
      • Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates
      • 21 highly detailed liveries
      • Layered paint kit included to help create your own liveries (suitable additional paint program such as Photoshop required)

      Flight Dynamics (FDE)
      Highly tuned 747 FDE based on detailed documentation and flight tested based on FAA simulation requirements with:

      • Differing location/weight/cargo/fuel specs for different 747 variants and real-world passenger/cargo loading
      • Improvements to 747 performance based on additional 747 pilot input and performance charts
      • Individual FDE for specific airframe variant and engine type
      • Different engine mount points per engine type
      • Different engine performance per type
      • Different performance per 747 variant
      • All fuel and weight stations based on actual real-world documentation
      • A custom utility to allow switching between standard and easy flight models
      • Optimised for FSX
      • 'True Feel' format for correct performance and feel

      Sound sets

      • High-fidelity 747 sSound sets for the Pratt and Whitney‚ General Electric and Rolls-Royce engines

      Flight planning

      • Detailed flight tutorial
      • Uses the default MSFS payload and fuel editor for ease of use and reliability
      • Uses the default MSFS flight planner and Navigation Log for accurate flight/fuel planning for ease of use and reliability.

      Panel and VC features

      • High quality 2D instrument panel
      • Virtual Cockpit with mouse clickable operations
      • Full analogue Pilot‚ Co-Pilot and Flight Engineer panels
      • Overhead‚ Throttle Quadrant and Radio Stack panels
      • Flight Engineer's station has expanded pop-up panels for easier viewing

      Limited function F-Lite style FMC (Flight Management Computer) which allows:

      • Use of the SIDs and STARs in the Microsoft Flight Simulator database
      • Radio and Navigation frequency entry
      • V-speed calculation
      • 'Direct to' waypoint features
      • Progress display
      • Estimated fuel on board‚ and more

      Included Aircraft & LiveriesÂ

      747-200 Variants

      Passenger General Electric

      • ANA (All Nippon Airways)
      • CLS - House Livery
      • Lufthansa - current livery
      • Thai - current livery

      Passenger Pratt & Whitney

      • Aerolinas Argentinas - current livery
      • Air Canada - older livery
      • Air India - current livery
      • CLS - House Livery
      • Corsair - F-GSEX
      • Iberia - current livery
      • Japan Airlines - Resocha‚ current livery
      • Northwest Air - current livery
      • South African - current livery
      • World Airways - (opening nose cargo door)‚ retro livery

      Passenger Rolls-Royce

      • British Airways - Union Jack livery
      • CLS - House Livery
      • EAACÂ - Current livery.

      747-300 Variants

      Passenger GE

      • White livery.

      Passenger Pratt & Whitney

      • Japan Airlines - new livery

      Passenger Rolls-Royce

      • Cathay Pacific - new livery
      • Qantas - current livery


      Minimum System Requirements:
      Flight Simulator X or FS2004
      2.5GHz PC
      512Mb RAM
      256Mb 3D graphics card
      Windows XP/Vista/7
      1.5Gb hard drive space
      DVD-ROM drive

      Item Code 137509
      Product Type PC Software
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Release Date Wednesday, 23rd February 2011
      Condition New
      Barcode 893782001194
      Genre Flight
      Platform(s) PC

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