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The Real Driving Simulator Brings Breathtaking Beauty & Unmatched Realism To PlayStation 3.
The next installment of the award-winning racing franchise, Gran Turismo® 5, is coming exclusively to the PlayStation®3 system. Known for its signature beauty and precision, the highly anticipated racer will showcase new jaw-dropping cars, real-life tracks, and diverse racing styles. Gran Turismo promises to deliver exciting advancements to the series in the most comprehensive racing experience ever.


  • GT Life: A-spec / B-spec - Choose your ""Life"", as a Driver or Racing Team Director - The ""Gran Turismo Mode"" that everyone enjoyed in previous versions of the series has undergone major renovations, and has now been reborn in ""Gran Turismo 5"" as ""GT LIFE"". In the new ""GT LIFE"", the basic flow of clearing license tests, participating in races, collecting rewards and purchasing more expensive, faster cars has not changed. But now, how you ""live"" is divided into two separate modes.
    • Live as a Racing Driver in A spec: In the A spec mode, you are a racing driver. Getting behind the wheel yourself, you will hone your driving skills, and challenge one race at a time. This is the facet of ""Gran Turismo 5"" we are all familiar with.
    • Live as a Racing Team Director in B Spec: In the B spec mode, you are the director of a racing team. You will not be driving yourself, but will be nurturing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driver, with the aim of securing victory by giving directions to the driver during races. The B spec mode which first appeared in ""Gran Turismo 4"" has evolved to the next level, creating another facet of ""Gran Turismo 5"" that you could call a ""Racing RPG"".
  • My Lounge: A Private Space for Close Friends Gathering Online - In Gran Turismo 5, every player has their own ""My Lounge"" racing room prepared for them online. This is a private room that only your ""Friends"" set through the PlayStationNetwork can enter. In My Lounge, it is possible to set race regulations and tracks of your choice, and hold racing events with your friends. Up to 16 players can participate in the race, and even if you are not in the race yourself, you can watch it through a variety of race cams. You can also participate in free runs before the start of the race. Imagine this: You set a time for a race using the messaging feature, and then wait for people to arrive while you race free runs on the track. Your friends start to join one by one, and once everyone's arrived, the race can be started. Friends that showed up later can watch the race and chat.
  • Course Maker: Make an Original Surprise Course and Invite Your Friends - In Gran Turismo 5, you can finally generate your own original tracks with the ""Course Maker"" feature. In the ""Course Maker"", you will select the base theme (terrain), and select a variety of parameters such as the length of the course, to easily create a track which matches your parameters. If you come up with a good track, you can also give these original tracks to your friends online, and use them in the races with your friends in My Lounge.
  • Racing Karts: Make New Discoveries on the Tracks through Kart Racing - Racing Karts are now appearing for the first time in the Gran Turismo series. Karts are a popular way to get into motorsports in real life, and even a beginner player of Gran Turismo will be able to enjoy racing in one. The dynamic characteristics of racing karts have been thoroughly recreated through the experience and technology amassed at Gran Turismo. The size, ride height and dynamics of a Kart are totally different from that of a normal car. Witness the moment when the familiar world of Gran Turismo transforms into a whole new world.
  • Over 1000 cars across 2 vehicle categories:
    • Over 200 Premium Cars: This includes a collection of the most desirable cars recreated with the highest attention to detail, including external & internal detail. Drivers will be able to swap between high & low beam headlights according to your needs
    • Over 800 Standard Cars: Many of the cars included in past Gran Turismo titles have been beautifully recreated and brought to life on Playstation 3 as ""Standard cars"".
    The collection includes over 800 cars, a vast selection that spans a wide range of era's and categories. See the full car list here.
  • Vehicle damage - In this edition, one of the long time issues as a driving simulator- Machine Damage has been introduced. Not only does the looks of a car change when damaged, how damage is received, and its resulting effect, is closely replicated through a physics simulation. By doing so, the game succeeds in producing that real-life added tension and challenge. Damage is expressed at three levels:
    • Physics-Affecting Damage (all cars): This is damage in which the physics simulation is affected by alignment deviations, etc. This is damage that affects controllability, meaning that the car may not drive straight, or it might become unstable in corners, depending on the amount of damage.
    • Dirt, Scratches and Dents (all cars): This is damage that can be visually seen, and involves the body becoming dirty, scratches and dents.
    • Separation (dislocation) of body panels (premium cars): This is damage in which body panels are dislocated from their original positions, or deform.
  • 20 locations providing over 70 course variations - Many of the tracks have taken over 2 years to recreate in true-to-life detail. The following tracks were announced at E3:
    • Curso Del SolMadrid - A Street Course Circling the Old Historical City of Madrid
    • Rome - A High Speed Course Through the Remnants of Ancient Rome
    • Tuscany - A Gravel Course Set in the World Heritage Site of Orcia Valley
    • The Top Gear Test Track - The Original Airfield Runway Track of the ""TopGear"" TV Series. The 2.8km short track used in various parts of the UK's Top Gear TV series. Specially set at the Dunsfold Park airfield in Surrey, England, it has a characteristic figure-8 layout)
    • See the full track list here.
  • As real as possible. Visual effects achieved through the latest in technology - Gran Turismo 5 challenges and introduces a vast variety of new technologies, but the most impressive are the visual effects. From a nice clear afternoon with the sun high in the sky, to dusk when the sun hangs low and the sky turns red, to the enveloping darkness of the night, a natural change of scenery to match the change of time has been recreated.What really stands out is the expressions at night. Not only is the scenery lit up in a life like manner by the headlights, the dirt kicked up by the car is lit by the tail lights, and gives off a warm glow; these natural, normal, every-day scenes are what bring everything that much closer to reality. By reviewing tyre structures down from the simulation level, the surface temperature of tyres has been simulated. Starting from figuring out the principle of why smoke is produced in the first place, the game succeeds in producing realistic tyre smoke just like that of a real car.
  • Driving, gathering & interacting. The expanding online world of GT5 - A multitude of features will be implemented in the Online system, and here's a look at a small part of what was introduced at E3:
    • Races & Track Days: In addition to the free match races as seen in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue where you don't know who you'll race against next, it will now be possible to gather your closest friends and acquaintances, set a variety of rules, and enjoy races the way you want to.
    • Spectator Mode: If you're not quite up to racing on one particular day, or if you just want to watch how someone really good drives, the Spectator Mode is for you. You can watch other users driving live, another great new way to enjoy Gran Turismo.
    • Friends: Once someone becomes a Friend, you can not only communicate and race together, you can share a variety of data such as the information in Profile.
    • Community: You can chat amongst friends before you drive, exchange opinions on the BBS or send private messages; Gran Turismo offers a wide variety of methods in which you can enjoy communication.
  • Excitement and sensations only possible in stereophonic 3D - By using facial recognition with the PlayStation®Eye, you can move your face to the left and right to move your field of vision while you are driving in a race. 3D and face tracking are both innovative features by themselves, and combined together, an even richer, high quality world of Gran Turismo 5 is made possible. By moving your face parallel in front of the screen, you can change your field of view. This makes possible a sensation as though you are actually inside your chosen car.


Additional Information

Condition Pre-Owned
Release Date 25th November 2010
Weight (kg) 0.010000
Barcode 711719189657
Product Type Video Game
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer Polyphony Digital
Region Code PAL
Classification G
Platform PlayStation 3
Genre Racing
Item Code 142154

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