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    Manufacturer's Description

    Score the most points by crossing off the most subway stations on your map. But be careful! Once you start crossing off stops, you may not be able to double back. Setup 1. Give each player a dry-erase board and reference card. Decide as a group which side of the board you’ll all be using as your map. 2. Shuffle the deck of Transit cards and place them face-down in the middle of the table. 3. Whoever most recently took public transit is the “Card Flipper” and will be responsible for flipping over the top card of the deck at the start of each turn.

    How to Play

    1. At the start of every turn the Card Flipper reveals the top card of the Transit card deck. All players now simultaneously pick a subway route on their own board with an empty train car window and fill it with either a number or “X” based on what type of Transit card was revealed (see below). They then fill in one or more station spaces accordingly. (See Transit cards, below. ) ○ If any players complete a route, they announce it to the rest of the group. The first player to complete a route circles the yellow diamond and will get those as bonus points at the end of the game. Other players who complete that route later, circle the white square and receive those bonus points at the end of the game. ○ Once all players have marked their boards, the Card Flipper reveals the next card of the transit deck. 
    2. There are 4 types of Transit cards. Their rules are as follows: ○ Number cards (blue): Starting with the first open station space from the Start Point, cross off adjacent station spaces until you’ve either crossed off stations equal to the number on the card, or until you can go no further (reach a route’s End Point, encounter a previously crossed off station). ■ If you encounter the “Re-Shuffle” 6 card, at the end of the turn, shuffle the discard pile (including this card) back into the Transit Deck before starting the next turn. ○ Skip cards (orange): Same rule as Number cards, but you may skip over previously crossed off stations. ○ Transfer cards (gray): Fill in an empty Train Car Window with an X. Then, on that subway route find the first empty station space from the Start Point and fill it with a number equal to twice (2x) the amount of train lines that make a stop there. ○ Free Space (green): Cross off one empty station space anywhere. Do not fill in a Train Car Window. 
    3. The game ends once all the train car windows are filled in (this should happen at the same time for all players). Add up your score as follows: ○ COMPLETED: The total bonus points from all completed routes (yellow diamonds and white squares). ○ TRANSFERS: The total of all numbers written in station spaces (when an “X” was written in a train car window). ○ EMPTY: Unless you are incredibly lucky, it’s impossible to complete all of the subway routes. Tally up the number of empty stations left on your board and enter it in the small circle. Refer to the table below to see what number should be written in the large circle.

    Ages: 8 + | Players: 1 - 6


    • A colorful “flip-and-write” game where the goal is to X out the most subway stops. Comes with 6 dry-erase boards (and markers) so you never have to worry about running out of paper.
    • Colorful subway theme.
    • Solo play option.
    • Kids learn visual discrimination, probability, and light strategy.
    • Players: 1-6, Recommended for ages 8+, Playing Time: 20 minutes.

    In the Box:

    • 15 x Transit Cards
    • 6 x Double Sided Subway Maps
    • 6 x Dry Erase Markers
    • 6 x Summary Cards
    • Rules
    Item Code 173608
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    Release Date Thursday, 24th December 2020
    Condition New
    Recommended Age 8+
    Product Type Board Games
    Barcode 759751001179
    Themes Card Drafting, Tile Placement, Travel & Transport

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