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    Manufacturer's Description

    In Mafia de Cuba players take on the roles of henchmen, drivers, thieves and government agents, each trying to take a piece of the pie that the godfather has worked so hard to build. It'll be up to the head of this crime family to determine who they can trust and who has been sticking their fingers into the pot. Up to 12 gangsters can take part in this tense, hilarious bluffing game. Remembering what loot was left when it gets to you will be key if want to get away with ripping off the Don or you can try to catch him in a sting with an FBI or CIA agent.

    This game proves there's no honor among thieves.

    Ages: 14+ | Players: 6 - 12


    Diamond Theft

    In turn, each player can steal the Godfather’s diamonds or take a character token. A player hides what they have taken in their pocket before passing the box on to the next player.


    Once the box has made it once around the table, the Godfather recovers the box and questions the players to find the culprits. 
    If the Godfather thinks they’ve found a thief, he will make them empty their pockets!

    If the Godfather recovers all 15 diamonds, they win! Be careful, the Godfather must only accuse the thieves. False accusations will bring about the Godfather’s elimination!

    The Characters

    The Thief: All of the family’s members are dishonest, but stealing from the Godfather is very dangerous: Don Alessandro’s justice is swift and implacable!

    The richest thief still in the game wins if the Godfather is eliminated.

    The Faithful Henchmen: Their loyalty to the Godfather will earn them a comfortable income.

    The Faithful Henchmen win if the Godfather recovers all of the diamonds. The Faithful Henchmen must convince the Godfather that they are telling the truth and help the Godfather find the culprits.

    The Driver: The Driver’s goal is to protect their passenger, despite not always knowing their intentions…

    The Driver wins if the player to their right wins.

    The CIA/FBI Agents: Agents who have been in position for months, they take advantage of the discord affecting the family. They’re only waiting for a sign to alert their colleagues and end it all.

    If the two Agents are present, the one who is accused wins.

    The Cleaner: Taking care of the family’s dirty work, the Cleaner has an easy-going trigger finger...

    The Cleaner acts like a Faithful Henchman and wins with the Godfather, unless they use their “special” ability which allows them to eliminate an agent… that is if they are skilled!

    In the Box:

    • 15 x Plastic Diamonds
    • 10 x Character Tokens
    • 2 x Joker Tokens
    • 1 x Game Box
    • 1 x Felt Bag
    • 1 x Rulebook
    Item Code 148820
    Packaged Weight 0.35 Kg
    Release Date Wednesday, 18th November 2015
    Condition New
    Recommended Age 14+
    Product Type Board Games
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