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      Diddy Kong Racing

      for Nintendo DS

      Item Code: 134449

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      Manufacturer's Description

      Diddy Kong Racing, the Nintendo 64 classic returns in full force to the Nintendo DS, introducing all new characters, tracks, features, challenges and online Wi-Fi connection multiplayer.

      Diddy Kong Racing DS focuses on high-speed, entertaining racing action as well as a large dose of adventure and exploration. Diddy Kong and friends race through 20 beautiful 3-D courses on one of three vehicles: a cart, hovercraft or plane. But pushing your foot (or paw) to the floor is only half the story - you'll also need to explore the nooks and crannies of each track to find shortcuts and hidden items. These in turn open up new courses, time challenges and races against turbo-charged bosses - if you can find them in the game's sprawling island hub.

      • Diddy Kong Racing DS is the first hand-held adventure racing game. Visit new locations, talk to interesting characters, advance the storyline and search for hidden secrets - all while engaging other drivers in a series of racing challenges to see who is king of the road.
      • Drivers can use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to go online and race against up to five other players from around the world.
      • Diddy Kong Racing DS also features eight-player single-card download play as well as multicard local wireless play.
      • Wish Race mode gives players complete freedom to design, build and race on the tracks of their dreams. Touch-screen control makes building the courses a snap, and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection compatibility lets players share their works of genius with everyone.
      • Diddy Kong Racing DS is a completely updated version of the N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing - and it boasts too many new features to list. Retextured and remixed tracks, new characters and racing challenges, new levels, improved vehicle control, touch-screen controls, gamer tag designs and more make this an experience that both newcomers and seasoned vets will love.

      Diddy Kong Racing DS is unique among racing games because it's more than just a series of cups and challenges - it's a full-fledged adventure. Players explore the island at their leisure. They can drive over bridges, through oceans and around volcanoes as they enter races in a quest for balloons that let them unlock different portions of the island. And when they're not racing, they can explore their surroundings and try to discover the many hidden secrets of Timber's Island. But don't think this is a leisurely Sunday drive - players have to speed through a huge variety of racing challenges if they want to complete the adventure and save their friends from Wizpig's nefarious schemes.

      Diddy Kong Racing sees the return of some favourite characters, with some all new racers as well. Play as Diddy Kong, Pipsy, TipTup, Bumper, Timber, Crunch, Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong. Unlockable racers include Drumstick, TT, Taj and Wizpig himself.

      The game has 38 unique tracks, including four new tracks that were not in the N64 version. The tracks are contained in themed worlds such as Dino Domain, Snowflake Mountain and Future Fun Land. In the beginning, players will be able to race only on a couple of open tracks. To reach the others, they must explore the island, win races and uncover secrets that allow them to open doors and progress deeper into the game.

      Diddy Kong Racing DS features three different vehicle types: cars, hovercrafts and planes. And if players don't like their current ride, they can now upgrade. In a new twist, Diddy Kong Racing DS allows players to upgrade their vehicles in the categories of speed, durability and appearance.

      No adventure racing game would be complete without a way to destroy foes, and Diddy Kong Racing DS gives players a massive arsenal at their disposal. Oil slicks, gas clouds, land mines, super shields, speed boosts, homing missiles, magnets... if players can't work their enemies over, they aren't trying.

      Item Code 134449
      Product Type DS Software
      Packaged Weight 0.1 Kg
      Release Date Thursday, 19th April 2007
      Condition New
      Barcode 045496738532
      Genre Racing
      Platform(s) Nintendo DS

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