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    Manufacturer's Description

    Finally on console, you can live the life of a medieval ruler in Paradox Development Studio’s award winning strategy role-playing game, Crusader Kings III! Assume the leadership of a medieval noble family, increasing its power and reputation through the generations. As one ruler dies, they are replaced by an heir who may have very different abilities or interests, forcing you to adjust your long term plans.

    Play a master of the battlefield, conquering your enemies, or play a subtle seeker of secrets, using plots and poison to advance your agenda - all in the same game. Arrange marriages, champion the faith and establish new empires in this modern classic - unlike any other strategy game you’ve ever played on console.

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    • Choose a royal or noble house from a number of realms on a map that stretches from Iceland to India, from the Arctic Circle to Central Africa.
    • Guide a dynasty through the centuries, ensuring the security and power of each new generation. Gather new lands and titles to cement your legacy.
    • Be a pious king to bring the religious powers to your side, or strike out on your own, designing your own splinter religion and earning everlasting fame or eternal damnation.
    • Knights, peasant revolts, pilgrimages, Viking raiders... experience the drama and pageantry of the Middle Ages!


    • Adopt one of five different lifestyles, perfecting your skills in military strategy or kingdom management.
    • Acquire character traits that will guide your actions, but beware if you act against your nature! The stress from denying your truest self could bring a new host of troubles!
    • Choose appropriate guardians for your heirs, or train them yourself. But what do you do if the legal heir is not quite up to the job?
    • Violent characters may develop a fearsome reputation, cowering your timid subjects into obedience with the dread you inspire.


    • Recruit men-at-arms units and powerful knights to supplement your royal levies.
    • Research new technologies to increase the wealth and military might of your realm.
    • Hire mercenaries and Holy Orders for your major wars.
    • Supplement your income with ransomed prisoners or raiding parties on neighboring realms.


    • Use your spymaster to discover plots against your dynasty and your rule.
    • Recruit agents to assist your schemes to undermine or murder anyone who stands between you and power.
    • Seduce other characters for love or political power.
    • Gather information for blackmailing purposes or call in favors whenever your plans need an extra bit of influence.

    Xbox Series X/S:

    • 4K 60 FPS,
    • Play on a big screen,
    • Play sitting comfortably in your "Throne room", etc.
    • Sit comfortably in your throne room as you command the fate of empires on your large screen. All of the detail and drama of the true Crusader Kings experience is now available on a wider range of gaming platforms.

    Xbox specific:

    • Quick resume - ultrafast load times, switch between other apps like YouTube and back to your game
    • Use the Xbox quick resume to bounce between apps - check out a playthrough on YouTube while you carve your own path through history.
    Item Code 181266
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    Release Date Tuesday, 29th March 2022
    Condition New
    Product Type Video Game
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    Genre RPG
    Platform(s) Xbox Series X

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