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Driver: San Francisco
Product No. 3307217929146

Driver: San Francisco


Drive - San Francisco Wii is a prequel to the mythic Driver 1
Featuring Detective John Tanner, the game follows his early years on the force as he hits the streets as a gifted rookie and attempts to take down a crime syndicate controlling San Francisco's underworld.

The second Driver mission to hit Wii, this is a unique title in the franchise developed specifically for the system. It is based in San Francisco, but it contains a unique storyline specifically for this version of the game.

  • The game is built as a classic crime tale told from 3 perspectives:
    • Revenge! Tanner is undercover trying to find out who killed his partner
    • Justice! Tobias Jones, Tanner's partner is on the street giving back-up and chasing leads
    • Greed! Salomon Caine has a plan but no one knows what it is
  • Embark on an eventful journey in San Francisco:
    • Enjoy the 70's flavour, from the comic style cinematic movies and the bright colours of the 3D city of San Francisco.
    • Take part in a thrilling story and play with 3 main characters offering a different style of mission.
    • Discover the madness of an open city, with unlimited random chases thanks to a consistent felony system.
    • Experience various challenges across the city
    • 30 story missions (race, chase or escape enemies, etc...)
    • 10 larger critical missions
    • 30 optional side missions
    • 58 unique awards linked to in-game activities
  • Enjoy Hollywood style car chases:
    • Be involved in intense chase sequences, inspired by famous Hollywood movies and rediscover the sensation of DRIVER: loose suspension, long drifts, sharp bends and high-speed pursuits in dense traffic.
    • Drive over numerous licensed muscle cars, among which the famous muscle cars such as the Dodge Challenger.
    • Takedown your opponents with fierce melee attacks and in-car shout-outs using a variety of weapons or leave them behind thanks to shunts and nitro boosts.
    • Make the best of an XP system allowing you to choose upgrades.
  • Lay down the law with your friends
    • Enjoy the craziness of the story mode with a buddy thanks to a drop in/out co-op mode.
    • Ram, tail and overtake your friends with addictive 5 multiplayer game modes in offline split-screen (up to 4 players).
    • Experiment the Nintendo DS connectivity that you can use as a guide and even as a weapon.

Category Nintendo Wii » Racing
Publisher Ubisoft
Australian Release Date 1st September 2011