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16GB Memory Card for Playstation Vita
Product No. 711719206828

16GB Memory Card for Playstation Vita


Official Memory Card for the Playstation Vita console.


The Playstation Vita console requires Vita memory cards for many of its features, such as saving game progress, downloading Apps, Games, Updates, Expansions and more from the Playstation Network Store, as well as saving Music, Photos & Videos.


The information below is intended as a guide only, more accurate data can be found on the official website: //au.playstation.com/psvita/


Memory usage guide:

  • Games bought in store will only require a very small amount of space to save game progress, you could save your game progress for over 100 retail games with ease.
  • Games and Apps bought on the Playstation Store can use anywhere from 100Mb (or 0.1GB) to 3000Mb (3GB) in some cases (Uncharted: Golden Abyss for example) and beyond. If you buy more games than your memory card can fit, you can store your extra games on your computer.
  • Music files generally take up between 4-5Mb per song (around 200 songs per Gigabyte/GB)
  • Videos vary greatly in size depending on quality (from 200MB/0.2GB per hour to as high as 2000MB/2GB per hour)

Category Playstation Vita » Accessories
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Sony Computer Entertainment
Australian Release Date 23rd February 2012