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      Chibi-Robo Park Patrol [Pre-Owned]

      for DS

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      Manufacturer's Description

      There's more happiness to spread, and Chibi-Robo is just the robot to do it!
      A pollution epidemic is transforming the local park into a contaminated wasteland. It's up to Chibi-Robo to return the park to its former glory and defeat Sergeant Smogglor, champion of all things toxic and gross. With his trusty squirter and boom box in hand, Chibi must raise flowers, defeat noxious Smoglings and save the world.

      Chibi has a host of tools at his disposal. His trusty squirter does double duty as a gardening tool and an anti-Smogling weapon, while his boom box provides the tunes for him to dance to and helps sprout flower seeds. Chibi also has a variety of vehicles that he can use to travel around the town and park, including a cart, a canoe and a bicycle.

      • Touch controls let players interact with the world in new ways. Slide the stylus with good timing to squirt enemies, water flowers, pedal a bike and blast a boom box.
      • Chibi's mission is bigger than ever this time around. Instead of living in a single home with one family, Chibi's on his own in the park now, spreading happiness to an entire town. The screen might be smaller, but the world is much bigger.
      • As Chibi progresses in this green adventure, he'll meet all sorts of colorful characters, like marionette Francois, football mascot Bull and soda "spokesanimals" Pop and Fizz. If Chibi befriends these toys, they will help him in his quest to fix the park.

      One of the focuses of this game is developing relationships with other toys, who, once befriended, give players Happy Points and help them with their park projects. These colorful characters include:

      • Pop and Fizz: The penguin "spokesanimals" for PopFizz Soda.
      • Francois: A marionette on a mission to escape his strings.
      • Bull: A sports mascot who doesn't want to hang up his cleats yet.
      • Molly Mapleleaf: A plastic toy who dreams of becoming a real tree.
      • Tampa: A Free Ranger in search of a career change.
      • Chassy: A classic car who wants to avoid the junkyard.
      EAN 0045496738471
      UPC 045496738471
      Product Type P/O DS Software
      Packaged Weight 0.01 Kg
      Condition Pre-Owned
      Genre Action/Adventure
      MPN X045496738471
      Developer Skip Ltd.
      Platform(s) DS

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