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      Donkey Kong Jet Race [Pre-Owned]

      for Nintendo Wii

      Item Code: 138861

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      Manufacturer's Description

      Get Ready for ROCKET-FUELLED Fun!
      Donkey Kong's jungle adventures just got rocket-fuelled! DK, his primates and conniving Kremlings hop on their barrel rockets and tear through the land to find out who's the fastest pilot in Donkey Kong Jet Race.

      To become the jungle's top banana, you'll need to use that perfect combination of speed and skill that separates the best drivers from the rest of the pack. To build up speed, you'll rapidly shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers until you've hit max speed. Once you reach the top speed, you'll use the controllers to move your racer left or right or move them both to make the racer jump over each track's many obstacles.

      If you hit something you're not supposed to, you shake the controllers again to build up speed. Of course, your opponents have their share of racing skills, too. When speed or skill isn't enough, slow down your fellow Kong or Kremling with a well-placed smack.

      You'll race on 16 tracks set in seven exotic locales, including Mt. Dynamite, Cranky's Temple and Mammoth Glacier. In addition to four single-player cups, the game features four-player multiplayer and lots of racing challenges from Candy Kong. Add on top of that three difficulty levels and you get a racing game that has something to offer for fans of all ages.


      • With simple controls, Donkey Kong Jet Race is a fun run for everyone. Cool items, intuitive controls and crazy racers all add to the zany fun. The fact that you can't stray far from each track means that even the youngest of players can stay on course and enjoy a good race.
      • Show some style during the race! Each racer can make Wild Moves during the race and score some serious points and speed boosts. The more bananas you collect on the track, the more chances you have at performing Wild Moves.
      • Kong or Kremling? Donkey Kong Jet Race features eight members of the Kong clan and 8 from the Kremling Krew, including favourites like DK and Diddy and racing rookies like Lanky Kong and Kass, Kip and Klump Kremling.
      Item Code 138861
      Product Type P/O Wii Software
      Packaged Weight 0.01 Kg
      Release Date Thursday, 7th February 2008
      Condition Pre-Owned
      Barcode 045496900403
      Genre Racing
      Platform(s) Nintendo Wii

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