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Rooms: The Main Building
Product No. 045496469856

Rooms: The Main Building

Rooms: The Main Building Rooms: The Main Building Rooms: The Main Building

Can You Escape From 100 Machiavellian Sliding Puzzles?
Rooms: The Main Building is a breakthrough gaming experience that blends brain-teasing adventure elements with a wholly unique world to create a journey unlike any other!

An invitation arrives at your doorstep and as a result, leads you to an interactive world of mystery. In this mystical world, you'll have to reach the exit by sliding the rooms as you would with a slide puzzle. As well as solving these room-puzzles, you'll use various devices to navigate your way through them as you find your escape.

Each puzzle in Rooms: The Main Building (of which there are approximately 80) is essentially a tile puzzle in which your small avatar can travel. Each tile in the section is a section of the room, and players must guide their avatar from his starting location to the exit. Reaching the exit will end the current puzzle and players can proceed on to the next stage.

There is a catch to this tile jumping, though: not all the tiles will start out bunched together. Players will need to slide the actual tiles (and subsequently, the sections of the room that they depict) around the game board in order to create a pathway for their avatar. Players can only move tiles that the avatar occupies, so this definitely adds to the challenge at hand.

Rooms: The Main Building is simple enough to pick up and play but it can also get quite complex. What is striking about the game is the 1930's décor and them, which looks great on the DS and stands out because of the art style. The DS version will have a level editor in which you can create your own rooms and share with your friends locally and over Wi-Fi!

Category Nintendo DS » Puzzle & Arcade
Publisher Hudson Soft/ Nintendo
Developer Natsume
Australian Release Date 17th June 2010

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