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Sony HDMI Cable
Product No. 711719640486

Sony HDMI Cable


Experience PlayStation 3 to its full visual potential on your HD TV with this Official HDMI Cable.
The HDMI Cable links your High Definition (HD) television* to digital devices such as PlayStation 3 for high definition video and clear, crisp audio clarity. The HDMI Cable supports all Standard (SD) and High Definition (HD) video resolutions up to a staggering 1080p, and transmits audio from stereo to 8-channel digital surround sound.

  • Supports all standard and high definition video resolutions up to 1080p
  • Transmits audio from stereo to 8-channel digital surround sound
  • Supplies maximum bandwidth for true HDTV resolution
  • Provides triple-layer shielding from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference

For more information, visit PlayStation's official website

* Refer to your television instruction manual to see if your TV supports HDMI connection.

Category PlayStation 3 » Accessories
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Sony Computer Entertainment
Australian Release Date 1st December 2009